What is to come?

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Those of you who follow me know that I have felt "something" was coming.
I know that some folks are feeling a bit apprehensive...please, don't! 

I have a video (below) that I am asking folks to watch.  It explains what I feel is coming.  We need to be alert...but...not freaked out.  Honestly, almost everyone who has watched this video has felt a sense of peace after viewing.
(and yes....Fr. Mitch Pacwa is there! )


This is the video from his talk in Birmingham. Thank you Jeff Hahn for recording and editing it.


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Love and Blessings, Wendy C

"Healing Mind, Body & Soul"




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Wendy & Family,
I read & print every one of your e-mails…you are an inspiration.!!

This is truly a gift of God ! I intend to share it with every one.

I have run into terrible banking problems ,. All my Id has been taken….please pray for me as there is a hold on my Soc. Security funds and i am close to being penniless until it is opened.

I am praying for a miracle.

As a child I was brought to IRELAND to live with my saintly Grandmother . She was 97 & I was 7 years old. She had more energy than I did. She taught me how to pray & love God & Mary ,as my Mother & the Saints.. She had given birth to 23 children..only 18 lived and she mourned the others. It was a wonderful spiritual experience to know her.

Your ministry is very important to me & all those who read your site.
As soon as my funds are freed, I hope to donate to your causes.

Please keep me in your prayers.


Posted by Dorothy McAuliffe on September 21, 2015

Thank you so much for introducing me to Charlie Johnston! I really enjoy listening to his videos. He truly is a beacon of light and hope. May Our Lord sustain him in his tasking of travel and teaching. And to think he can do all of this with a smile and a sense of humor! God love him!

Posted by Pamela on September 05, 2015

I understand the three days of darkness will be on a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday how will we know in advance not to go to work and how long will we have to prepare ( covering the windows etc..) before it starts?

Posted by Sue on September 05, 2015

Thank you forever Wendy!
I am a member of the Marian Movement of Priests, I follow you same beliefs.
I live in South America! Bolivia.

Posted by Erika on August 23, 2015

I am listening to the video now as I write. It was passed to me from a friend in my Rosary group.

I am glad you are encouraging people to hear this information. In my own life, I find that people who devoutly pray the Rosary have a much easier time accepting this kind of message. Some soul in Monsignor Esseff’s prayer group in Scranton, PA is receiving messages and after Monsignor reads them, he posts them at www.locutions.org. In addition, the last four years of these messages can be purchased in book form from Amazon.com. I prefer the book form. There must be about 1000+ messages many of which are Mary and sometimes Jesus speaking about upcoming world events some of which have already occurred. Mary says she will tell us what we need to do at the right time, but in the meantime, we are asked to pray for faith, hope, charity, and increase in light and fire from Mary’s Immaculate Heart and the consecration of the Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary (which she says will happen in 2016). Mary speaks of the world events in order for us to trust her and do the other things mentioned in the messages. This autumn 2015 she speaks of an economic shaking affecting the global economy as well as the 3rd secret of Fatima coming to fruition. Read about Fatima, read the locution messages on the website or find them on Facebook. Mary is using social media to get Heaven’s messages out to us. God bless everyone!

Posted by Dave Burke on August 11, 2015

Deb – It was taped on Thursday, July 9, 2015 (the day after the United Airlines / Wall Street computer malfunctions happened).


This video really stirred me up. Then last night I began to question if it’s real…2 years? I did something I haven’t done in awhile…before bed, I asked God for a sign if Charlie’s prophesies are real.

Last night – at 3:00 AM (of course! Something about that hour!), the smoke detector beeped loudly in my bedroom, like someone pressed it. My wife and I woke up and I scrambled to put the light on. No sign of smoke or fire. Sometimes when the batteries get low, they will chirp every 10 minutes or so — nothing for the rest of the night. I tested it today, and it beeps fine, just like it did last night.

Get your spirit ready, folks! Thanks for the heads up, Wendy!
God bless all!!

Posted by Mike on August 10, 2015

I would like to know more about Charlie’s updates please. Thank you and more blessings to come…

Posted by Rosita Rodriguez on August 07, 2015

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Wendy for posting this video. I have been
participating in a Marian group called by the Blessed Mother “Children of the
Locutions.” The messages perfectly coincide with Charlie Johnston’s.
I feel the urgency to get Charlie’s messages circulated quickly and to many.
Praise God for His Mercies. The Word of God reminds me that God never
does anything in the earth without revealing it first to His prophets. Indeed
we are the modern day prophets who need to get the Word of God out to our
families, communities and beyond.

Posted by Francine Schmatz on August 05, 2015

Thank you so much for this video!!! I have been feeling an uneasiness, (like the bottom is about fall out or something) for quite some time, and this video was just such a source of hope. The bottom may fall out, but God is in charge & if we stand with Him, we’ll make it. I have been feeling compelled to reach out to others, and now I realize that these have been promptings from the Holy Spirit. Thank you! God bless you & your family!!!

P.S. I would like to receive Charlie’s updates via email. How can I get them?

Posted by elsie on August 05, 2015

Read about him on Spirit Daily some time back.
Thank you for sharing about him!

Posted by Joe Ramsak on August 01, 2015

Wendy, do you happen to know the date of the video taping? Thank you!

Posted by Deb Hemphill on August 01, 2015

Thanks so much for this video. It really was enlightening and reassuring. My issue is about food, should I store essentials or not. I have read the Lay Apostle Ann’s books and in Book 5 our Lord said not to hoard— so that is my conundrum.

Yours in JMJ
Margaret B

Posted by Margaret Brazda on August 01, 2015

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