We need to fight back! If not us, who??!!

July 06, 2015 3 Comments

St. Benedict is the saint we need to look to for the renewal and preservation of our Catholic life in these tumultuous and trying times. 

Back in the 90's, Walt and I took "The Rule of St. Benedict" and applied it to our family life (it is truly adaptable!) and I MISS the simplicity of those days!  We are bringing it back to our family and will share how we did it. 

I know God has called me to teach others to truly imitate St. Benedict and show others how to do it with their families  We're losing our kids, folks..the next generation. 
We need to fight back!  If not us, who??!!

The Benedict Option is so much a part of who I am and there is a war being waged  in the heart of every Catholic during these times.  We can run and hide or we can stand and fight and preserve our faith and family, while the secular..sick, twisted, pagan culture tries to woo them away!  Oh, hell no (pun, fully intended!)

Failure is not an option in my book...eternity is forever, so meanwhile we shall pray and work to save souls!  Ora et labora (from a formerly crappy Catholic...God likes to use us "former fallen aways" as we KNOW how much we messed up, once we return!  We tend to be "on fire")

In our post-Christian culture (because face it...we ARE post-Christian) we need to take bold action. 

A life of order and stability is RARE.  Living a life centered around the liturgy?  What's that? that for monks?  NO!  It is for families!  Hospitality?  What's that?  Sounds so old fashioned!  Yet..the family and home are meant to be a source of service and charity, a place of welcoming, a refuge in the world!  Culture, prayer, community...I could go on!  If we don't preserve it and pass it on, our current culture will not! 

Stay tuned....I'm praying the Lord gives me another 48 years to explain and demonstrate what the Benedict Operation is and how we should implement it! 

Love and Blessings, Wendy C.

"Healing Mind, Body & Soul"





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3 Responses

Tamara Milner
Tamara Milner

July 12, 2015

You are on the right track! I think that many people are feeling what you are feeling and I am so pleased that you have this platform to open up the discussion. Thank you and God bless you.

Patricia Gubala
Patricia Gubala

July 09, 2015

Have your been to Michael Vories website,

God Bless you and your family. Please pray for Rene (48year old Mother of two girls) diagnosed with cancer..

Linda, Hollyy, Bill and his daughter Faith (3yr old , has had many heart surgeries. Her father Bill, now has throat anbd mouth caner,. He spends his life singing and praising God as our Music Director and gives many conferences onf Divine Mercy and Marian appraitions.

I will continue to pray for your family Wendy , thank you.

Ibn His Name,

Patricia Gubala

Diane Mysinger
Diane Mysinger

July 07, 2015

I love your web site and all the info you provide. Is there any way we could find like minded people by state or city? I would love to connect in my area and am sure that many others would also. It would be wonderful to start these fires everywhere. Thank you for all the time, effort and prayer you put in to helping everyone, especially those little children. Yours in the peace of Christ, Diane.

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