So...what is BenOp?

    So...what is BenOp?  Well, let me first say I have no doubt we are headed to a new "Dark Age".

    America is the new Roman empire.

    The more decadent, the more applause...a political system that is incompetent on so many levels (not to mention corrupt), cultural norms have changed to cater to the lowest nature, ongoing breakup of the family, if it feels it and don't you dare say it's immoral or we'll fine intolerant Christian, you! 

    I don't think I really need to keep painting a picture...for anyone with eyes to's all there.  

    So, what do we do?  Sit back and take it?!!
    We prepare ourselves, our friends, our family and our parishes.

    I have felt like St. Benedict who was sent to Rome to study and was so disgusted by the city’s decadence...he fled to the forest to pray as a hermit.

    There were other monks who took notice and followed him.  They could see it (just like us!

    He went out to found a dozen monastic communities and wrote his Rule which guided them through tumultuous times.  We have used this manual (he can be easily adapted to the family with a few changes).

    During that time people forgot how to read, how to farm, how to build....if you study that time period, you see total chaos...operating in the lower nature was their modus operandi.  

    Yet..behind monastery walls, things were different.  If it weren't for the Benedictines, civilization may have never re-emerged! 

    Many peasants gathered around these monasteries and were taught many things...such as how to read, about the Christian faith, etc.  They were also taught practical skills like farming and building.  The monasteries became islands of sanity and serenity in a world gone insane.

    Stay tuned!  I promise to write more about it as I know I need to get the word out. We are heading for the new "Dark Ages" and WE (you and I) have a responsibility for future generations. 

    Love and Blessings, Wendy C.

    "Healing Mind, Body & Soul"





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