The Third Way: Homosexuality and the Catholic Church

    I'm not one to shy away from the "hot topics".  After being away from the church, I finally learned what I believe and why I believe it.  I made it an academic endeavor for many years and came back stronger than ever (NEVER to leave again!)

    What I am currently seeing is that many of us have grasped the "law"...but...have not grasped that the homosexual is a person. To be treated with the same kindness and compassion as you would expect for yourself. Yes, I have added "Peter's keys" to my FB photo because I am loyal to the teachings of Holy Mother church...yes, I have several homosexual male friends...yes, I still love them dearly...but no, I can never condone same sex "sex"...or "sex" outside of marriage..."sex" with multiple partners, etc.

    We all need is the way God made us. Yet, we have come to think that you can't have intimacy without sex...yet there is plenty of sex going on with no intimacy. Those who are attracted to the same sex are not being called, by Holy Mother church, to anything different than those who have opposite sex attraction. We are to remain chaste...all of exceptions. It was a terrible struggle for my husband and I before marriage ...although my desire was for the opposite sex...I know that it must be the same strong urge for those with same sex attraction.

    Please, take a few moments to watch the pain and struggle of those with same sex attractions.

    They came back to the Catholic was their anchor, as it is mine ♡

    (Warning...not appropriate for the younger set due to a bit of a graphic, yet honest description of a sinful act.)


    Love and Blessings, Wendy C.

    "Healing Mind, Body & Soul"





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