In Every Problem There Is A Blessing

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    What if I told you that in every problem there was a blessing?

    I'm sure you'd think I must be free of problems...but..I assure the Heavenly Father has not made an exemption in my case!  My own life is proof that there IS a blessing in every problem and Lord knows I've had many (He knows because He allowed me to experience them!)

    I was listening to a young man speak about this very topic.
    He brought up the fact that if anyone in the Bible had a reason to throw a pity party, it would probably be Joseph.

    He was beaten by his brothers, sold as a slave and thrown into jail for something he didn't even do! many of us would be
    crying out "it isn't fair, it isn't fair, why me?" know what.. it was part of God's plan!
    Joseph went on to become ruler over all of Egypt!
    If he were not in that jail, the king would have not found him!

    Look at Jesus...they whipped him, taunted him, nailed him to a cross!
    Their plot to humiliate and kill him played into HIS PLAN!
    His blood was shed for us..for our eternal salvation!

    No matter what kind of problem you are matter how horrible your situation seems...don't give up hope!
    God is working to bring about a blessing!

    As St. Paul said...count it as all joy when you face trials and tribulations. 

    I say this not from a lofty soapbox...I'm in the trenches with you.  I"m going through my own trials and battles..I've been all but spat on and you know what?  I'm counting it as all joy as the evil one is obviously not happy.

    I also believe that God can't use you until you've been broken.  Look at the folks God used in the bible...His light shines brightest through those of us who have lots of cracks :)

    Nothing happens without God allowing it.
    In fact, God will not permit any troubles to befall you unless He has a specific plan for a greater blessing to come out of that difficulty!

    Remember when things seem dark that your blessing is hiding in your problem!  Your blessing may not reveal itself now..but... at some point it will.  Hang in there!!


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    Love and Blessings, Wendy C.

    "Healing Mind, Body & Soul"




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