How to Meditate Like a Catholic

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Ask any saint. Ask any writer learned in spiritual things. Ask any sinner who has returned to the fold of Christ. All will tell you that reformation of life or transformation of character is impossible without prayer. They all know, too, of the amazing changes that occur in the life of anyone who forms the habit of intimate, heart to heart conversation with Christ.

This is a plea for fifteen minutes daily of this loving conversation with our Lord. We don't mean vocal prayer; rather we believe that interior prayer or meditation is an absolute necessity for spiritual survival today. All this means is a lifting up of your mind and heart to Christ in a sanctifying conversation. If you have a memory, a mind and a heart, you can do it. And you should! Later on, a simple method easy for anyone will be given.

There are two great reasons why you should pray in this manner. The first is that it's the only way to stay in conscious contact with Christ. Every sincere seeker of Christ wants to get into contact with Him as soon as and as perfectly as possible. Furthermore, he wants to maintain this active contact so as to develop a loving friendship with Him in all his daily activities.

This is obviously impossible unless there is a frequent and daily contact with the Mind and Heart of Christ. Without prayer there will never be that prayerful reflection on Christ that leads one to an ever-increasing love and imitation of Him. Without prayer, a man will never achieve those honest insights into himself and life that mark the beginning of a more profound conversion to the ways of God.

A second basic reason for the necessity of mental prayer is found in the words of Our Savior: "Pray lest you enter into temptation." After repeating the same sentence, St. Teresa of Avila adds in her INTERIOR CASTLE: "He who neglects mental prayer needs not the devil to carry him to hell, but he brings himself there by his own hands". St. Alphonsus Liguori states that "it is morally impossible for him who neglects meditation to live without sin."

St. Teresa knew from personal experience that there would be no hope for spiritual progress without the practice of meditation. She lived in a lukewarm state spiritually for almost fifteen years because she had neglected it. Only after her return to daily mental prayer did she again make rapid strides in her quest for union with our Lord. Thereafter, she encouraged all who came to her never to abandon prayer no matter what problems arose.

St. Peter of Alcantara sums up the benefits of meditation in the following words: "In mental prayer, the soul is purified from its sins...nourished with charity...confirmed in faith...and strengthened in hope...the mind expands...the heart is purified...temptation is conquered...sadness is dispelled...drooping powers revive...tepidity ceases...and the rust of vice disappears." (Treatise on Prayer.)

Don't say you haven't had time. The busier you are the more you need this kind of prayer. Without it you're like a spiritual cripple just staggering along on your road to eternal life. With it you'll accomplish twice as much as before spiritually and otherwise. Meditation is an absolute must for sane, daily living. It will put order, peace and refreshment into your everyday life. What's more, it will put Christ there-where He belongs!

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Love and Blessings, Wendy C.

"Healing Mind, Body & Soul"




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Thank you beautiful lady, for your help guiding me to knowledge of how to have a better and personal relationship with our loving father. May the Lord continue blessing you and your family. Pray for my family please.

Posted by Martha on September 13, 2016

Wonderful article I’ve been meditating for years. This brings it right to
the center. There is no better way to begin the day then to be in union with Jesus.Those intimate moments shared in his presence helps me get through each day.

Posted by Jan on August 14, 2016

One way to practice meditation: It was learned at a Carmelite Retreat..Take a picture of the Lord and keep it in your lap and gaze on it and then begin to talk to Him with your heart. .It can be a picture of one of the Stations since we are now in Lent.

1.) Place yourself with him in the scene and tell the Lord how sorry you are that he suffered such tragic blows and loss of blood for your sins and all because he loves you so much as he loves us all to folly; as the Little Flower wrote many times. Tell Jesus you want to love and thank him in this manner. Then close your meditation after about 5 intense minutes.

2.) Do a simple heartfelt Act of Contrition; examining yourself and your repeted sins; then you tell Jesus with His grace and help; you will try to be more aware of your actions and not sin and it is your DESIRE not to sin as often as you may have done in the past.

3.) Do a Spiritual Communion telling Jesus how much you wish/want to love him, praise him, thank him, and abide in his Love throughout the day and it is your DESIRE to do so with each breath and heartbeat of your being for the greater Honor and Glory of the Kingdom and the Salvation of Souls; in gratitude for all he has done for us through his Passion and Death. Now Heaven is open to us.

This is a sure way to “Pray without Ceasing” by using your every heart beat and breath as a vessel to be in a constant prayer mode, even while doing your duties at work or home.

This method of prayer helps you to increase you love for Jesus more and to save Souls; which consoles the hearts of the Eternal Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Holy Mother Mary is pleased too, because you are taking part in Redemption by being merciful and compassionate with your prayer intentions; by your wanting to save souls.

We are responsible for prayers of Redemption not for just our souls, or our family members souls to be saved; but even for the souls of others, like friends, benefactors, and enemies; who we will not know that our prayers aided and they were saved, until we reach heaven. What a joyful reunion that will be!

Thank you Wendy for giving me the opportunity to express a way to meditate that is on a personal level and grace filled to start our day or close our day.

Mary Beth

Posted by Mary Beth Lee on February 18, 2016

Beautiful Wendy. Is there a Part 2 to this article?

Thanks for everything.

Love & Prayers,

Mary Ellen

Posted by Mary Ellen Walsh on February 04, 2016

Everyday is busier than the next – I believe the evil one plans it that way. Step away from the mobile phones, tv, radio , game systems and all of life’s noises. Even at work we can talk to God in our hearts and certainly we can find time during our lunch break to just sit somewhere quietly and marvel over what our Lord has done for us. Let us give Him thanks – even in our busiest of days. We seem to “make” time for a lot of foolishness – this is so important – I believe its critical. We are in a world that tells us otherwise – they are wrong. God has always been true to His word – can we say the same about humanity? Thank you Wendy for your constant vigilance- God is using your kind heart and on fire faith to help His children find Him. Again, thank you and I will keep your family in my prayers. I know the honor of serving Christ but I also know how exhaustive it can be – but those who truly honor Christ might fall but we get up and continue His work. Shalom my friend :-)


Posted by Stacey on February 03, 2016

Thank you, darling Wendy, for this reminder. I’ve been neglecting this quiet time with the Lord, and feeling His tugs. I need to get back on board.

Posted by Annie on February 03, 2016

need inspiring messages to carry me forward

Posted by JOSEPH KEAMAU on February 02, 2016

Your message “how to meditate”quiet refreshing.
May God continue to use you for souls. Amen

Posted by John Nbai on September 19, 2015

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