Food was at the root of our fall!

    Consider was "food" at the root of our fall.  It is by food that the Lord is saving us.  The devil, the great imitator, can and will use food to destroy us!  I owe that deep thought to my friend, Anita.  She is part of a "Wellness" program that I coach.

    After decades of research, I believe that cancer is a metabolic disease.  Is a "clean" ketogenic diet part of the solution?  With every fiber of my being, I believe so! 

    This is such a huge topic and I plan on sharing my findings with you in the future.  Meanwhile..let's clean up our temples!

    This video is less than four minutes...I'm begging folks to watch it (and it has a catchy tune!)


    Love and Blessings, Wendy C.

    "Healing Mind, Body & Soul"




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