Prayer and Procedure For Covering You & Your Loved Ones in The Blood Of Jesus

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PRAY THIS DAILY! Nothing is more powerful than the Blood of Jesus!


Consider sharing this with friends, family and church members so that they may be covered in the Blood of Jesus!

In the morning: Name all the people you will be covering -- then list specific areas below:

1. SALVATION - That none of us would be lost, led astray or deceived.

2. SAFETY - That we would all be protected and safe from all harm (spiritual, mental, physical or violent, satanical harm).

3. MINISTRY - That the areas of ministry God has for us would be fulfilled.

4. MARRIAGE - That God would heal the things that are wounded or broken and strengthen the good things.

5. RELATIONSHIPS - That all of our relationships would be based on good and Godly principles. (If you need to name anyone, do so.)

6. HEALTH - That we would all be made whole, spiritually, mentally and physically. (Mention anyone on the list with health problems.)

7. HOMES - That they would be protected from destruction, spiritually, physically, or materially. That they would be havens from the world for us. Places where God's love is shared. (Also include our churches, schools, places of employment and any public places we may visit.)

8. VEHICLES - That we would be protected in all of our travels (all modes). Safe from accidents or harm.

9. FINANCES - That God would bless our jobs, businesses, and that our needs would be met (all bills, financial obligations - state needs).
In the Evening: Name all the people you are covering.

1st. Ask the Lord to cover all of you with His Blood that it could be as an antiseptic to cleanse us from any encounter with the kingdom of darkness this day. Cleanse us of its effects or damage and do not let it affect us or enter into our day tomorrow.

2nd. Pray that all would be covered with His Blood as a protection. That we would be hidden in the shadow of His wings, placed in the bosom of the Lord to be safe from all harm. Lord, place a wall of protection (a hedge) around us that satan cannot enter into our lives to rob, steal, kill or destroy what belongs to us as the family of God. In You, Lord, I hide: our salvation ,our safety ,our ministries, our marriages, our relationships, our health ,our homes ,our vehicles our finances.

Love and Blessings, Wendy C.

"Healing Mind, Body & Soul"




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Peace be with you; Happy Corpus Christi, Thank you to Cukierski family for all your good works, God bless you…in name of Jesus Christ, Hallelujah, amen.

Posted by Adam Mary on June 18, 2017

My boyfriend Mike moved here from Michigan and Desperately needs a job. He has a college degree and is trying to get mgt employment with Sheetz. Please please pray
I thank u all so much. :)

Posted by Pauline Nash on September 13, 2016

Wendy please pray for a negative biopsy report from the d&c for uterine bleeding I will have on September 27. There is so much cancer now among friends and family I cannot help but think the enemy is hard at work in this area. Also pray the medical profession is not cooperating with the enemy to make the situation even more complicated. Thank you and many blessings on your family.

Posted by Jane Cantu on September 13, 2016

We need a miracle for a 25 yr. old man. He is in complete renal failure and has no insurance. The hospital is giving him dialysis for a time, but this “free” treatment will not last forever. His name is Jovani. Many people are praying for him. Praise be to God. Thank you.

Posted by Susan on September 12, 2016

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Posted by Mary Schramm on July 08, 2016

Please keep my daughter-in-law in your prayers especially before daily Mass. She is fighting Pediatric A.L.L. She had a bone marrow transplant in February and by May the disease returned. Her name is Katie Udelhofen-Clark, age 32. She was given a month to live a few weeks ago. She needs a miracle!

Posted by Sandy Clark on July 08, 2016

Wendy can you pray for my daughter Stephanie to get good news from the doctor from the biopsy she had done a week ago and for my son Steven who is having bad back problems my husband Marcelino who has stage 4 liver cirrhosis and a partial bile duct close enlarge spleen and diabetic please pray for me also Goretti need to loose weight about 30 lbs and enlarge fatty liver I get very stress that I start eating sugary foods that is my comfort food please pray that God will help my family and me.

God bless,

Posted by Goretti on May 22, 2016

I thank you so much for the care you offer to me spiritually. May God our father bless you with good health and long life.

Posted by Imelda M on November 26, 2015

I thank you so much for the care you offer to me spiritually. May God out father bless you with good health and long life.

Posted by Imelda M on November 26, 2015

Please pray for my son and me, so that we recover our hair, cure the skin, ears, sight, be able to confront all kind of people and stop them when necessary, respond to people in a proper way. Please pray also that my son converts, that he finds a very good wife. Thanks.½

Posted by Adelaide on November 26, 2015

Thank you for the prayer but don’t you make them more print frinly

Posted by Mike on October 24, 2015

please pray for my three daughters to have a peace, forgiveness and joy among them.

please pray so that we will have a peaceful christmas this year

Posted by barbara on October 17, 2015

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