Do we take the devil seriously?

    Do we take the devil seriously?  He certainly exists and he certainly takes US seriously.

    Some of us have, or have had, an intellectual vanity to overcome when it comes to the evil one. 
    Yes, I was one of those who had to overcome such excessive pride.

    I use to wonder how any person with "half a brain" could think that there was some "unseen" evil force at work. 
    Little did I know that the mere fact I doubted was a victory for the evil one and could have been very dangerous!
    Someone in Heaven was praying for me!

    When my disbelief in satan started melting away, I was terrified to learn just how active he could be.
    He immediately starting using his "minion's" when I came back to the faith.

    It is painful to acknowledge that sometimes the behavior of others is the evil one using them to hurt you...and they are quite unaware (most of the time).

    The evil one likes to use those who deny him.  He also likes to use those who think of him as a fictional cartoon character.  Even doubting can open a big window.  He looks for any crack.

    Satan's favorite thing to attack is the family...the domestic church. 

    Just look..what does marriage mean to society?  The 6th Commandment means nothing to many and is broken in so many ways.  I need not explain as it is quite obvious what I mean.

    Am I casting stones?  No.  We are all sinners...we are all at different places in our journey.  We don't remain "static". 
    The difference is we need to repent of any wrong doing and realize that satan is REAL.

    We need to realize that not only is satan real... he is "full on" with his attack against the backbone of every society...the family!

    As the family goes the church, so goes society. 

    We must call him out, we must bind him.  We must not allow him to find a chink in our armor.
    We must not allow him to get at our family!

    He will use others to throw "fiery darts".  Pray for them.  Most do not realize they are being used. 

    One good indicator that it is not of God is the use of their language.  Are they foul mouthed?  Do they insult?  Is what they say constructive?  Are they defending an immoral position?  Do they like to bring up your past sins to justify theirs? 

    If so, we know who is using them.  Unfortunately, they don't always know this.  Many times they are demonically oppressed and do not realize it.

    Demonic activity is real.  It is ripping the family apart.

    If the family is "tight" and "as one" standing on moral ground, satan will more than likely use close friends or relatives to shoot the firey darts at you. 

    We can't fight HIM and each other at the same time.  We must focus on fighting HIM only, that is how we react.

    Shooting back "fiery darts" (insults, etc) is exactly what HE wants.  You are then doing HIS bidding! 
    I always respond to "fiery darts" with an "I love you" and "I'm praying for you"! 

    Remember...he's not that cute little red cartoon character.  He is a fallen angel and he seeks your soul and the souls of those you love.

    The difference is we KNOW he is real, we KNOW we can combat him with prayers and yes...sacramentals.

    I beg you to pray the St. Michael Prayer Every Day and pray for those who unaware that they are being used as his pawns! 

    Please, know that we pray for all those folks who read my blog. If you have any special requests, just drop us a line!  

    Love and Blessings, Wendy C.

    "Healing Mind, Body & Soul"




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