It's about how much love we put into giving

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Love and PRAYERS, Wendy C. 

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Hi Wendy, before I had a child, I would see little children with a bunch of dandelions in their sweet hands and giving them to someone, it would make me cry sometimes because one day, I had hoped that I may get a bunch of dandelions too and inGod’s time , I did, I had a beautiful baby girl, and I will never forget when she gave them to me, It is a memory that is so special to me and will remain with me forever, how sweet and innocent she was and how much we can learn from a little child, they are so beautiful and I thank God each and every day for my two children. We can learn a lot from our children, they say and do things that can make our eyes and ears open. God bless our beautiful children. Amen

Posted by Carol-ann Yetman on March 21, 2017

My 4 yr old son and 3 yr old daughter love giving me dandelions

Posted by Amy on October 05, 2014

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