Is God trying to tell you something?

    Most of us wish and wish we'd never encounter another problem.  Yet, the older I get the more I see problems as blessings in disguise. 

    Nothing happens by accident.  God allows. 

    Our difficulties or problems are little "signs" from God.  What is it that God is trying to say to us?

    We must look closely.  We must not act like a victim and say, "why me???"  There's a message in there. 

    I am a firm believer that every problem not only contains a message, it contains an opportunity.

    I had a horrible, horrible situation that took place at the beginning of April 2014. 

    Someone close to me hurt me in such a way that everyone who found out about it was in utter and total shock (no...not my husband or children...Praise God!)

    I admit, I went through all the stages... total disbelief, anger, shock, sadness and finally I was just in a puddle of tears and begging God to let me know why He let her do this to me. 

    Slowly, as I prayed about it...The Holy Spirit revealed why and I felt sincere pity. 
    Although forgiveness was never asked for, I forgave her. 

    The "problem" she caused made me a much better person.  It made me better on so many levels and I now embrace what others may never have been able to forgive.

    Recently, I was able to minister to another sister in Christ who had the same thing done to her.   She didn't feel she was strong enough to get through it and I said, "Hey, I did....and so can you!"

    Instead of saying, "I have a huge problem here"...why don't we say..."Jesus, what are you trying to tell me?  What opportunity is in this situation I am now encountering?"

    We can make every situation into an opportunity to serve others.  If I didn't encounter hate, bitterness, jealousy, envy and family problems I wouldn't be able to relate to those who are going through it.  I couldn't help them. 

    Are you experiencing a problem at the moment? 
    God is trying to tell you something...perhaps He is preparing you for something greater in the future.  Embrace it...look closely at it...don't wish it away. 

    I believe in the struggle because without struggle we couldn't appreciate what God has given us.  Our struggles make us stronger.

    I remember when I was in grade school.  I was watching a butterfly trying to emerge from its cocoon.  It was struggling and as I sat and watched I began to feel sorry for it.

    Being the ever "tender hearted" kid, I decided to get a pair of scissors and cut him lose! 

    Big mistake.  I was crushed when I watched his swollen body become more bloated and he died.  I cried my eyes out....I was only trying to help.

    I didn't realize that God intended the butterfly to struggle so that the fluid would be pushed from his body and into his wings so that he could fly.

    God allows struggles in our lives to help us...without them we would never be able to fly :)

    Praise God for that "struggle" or "Problem" you have today.....there's a message in there! 

    Love and Blessings, Wendy C.

    "Healing Mind, Body & Soul"




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