Prayer for Blessings Upon Medication

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Gracious God, You have given us many healing remedies that are a benefit to us when we are sick.

Through the miraculous intercession of St. Anthony, we ask Your blessing upon the medication prescribed for (mention name) so that he/she may experience healing, and be restored to full health in mind, body & soul. Amen.


Love and PRAYERS, Wendy C. 

"Mom of 13"  - Your Mommy Health and Happiness Practitioner!




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I thank God for you always, making mention of you in my prayers before Almighty God.

Thank you for you prayer support and Godly wise Love. You are a treasure in the Body of Christ.

May the Good Lord continue to bless and protect you and yours.

Many Blessings,
Lisa Peppel

Posted by Lisa Peppel on May 09, 2017

Wendy, I am scared. I am the one with the broken T6 front and back. I am on SSDA and that is is. My son is the brain and spinal cancer, also on SSDA.

Posted by Barbara Bruns on April 29, 2015

Wendy, I look forward to see your emails, thank you. How is Teresa at Penn State Children’s hospital doing? thank you for the gift of the 3 Hail Mary’s!!!!!!! I think you might remember that when my son was 4 he had brain and spinal cancer, with a 98% chance of dying. he just turned 25. Although severely handicapped he is with us, I live with an angel! that is why I don’t mind giving to the missions bc I know what it was like to live in a hospital for a year. Love you, Barbara

Posted by Barbara Bruns on December 08, 2014

Wendy, thanks for the beautiful messages. Please keep it up and may God bless you so much! Agnes

Posted by Agnes Mwerikazi on May 27, 2014

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