Welcome to the Cukierski Family Jesuit Mission Site Blog

    Welcome to the Cukierski Family Jesuit Mission Site Blog!

    As  many of you know, Walt is an avocational archaeologist.  I'm writing the first blog post for him...but..he's taking over after this :)

    We live on very special "consecrated" land (which was offered to us the year my mom died in...no coincidence!) 

    In 1667, Father Jacques Bruyas arrived here (on our land) to act as the first missionary to the Oneida Indians.  Soon after his arrival, the Indians built him a chapel which he named St. Francis Xavier (yes, on our land). 

    This was the very first mission among the Indians.  Father Bruyas offered up his first Mass here (on our farm) on St. Michael's Feast Day!

    Fr. Bruyas was also one of the priests present when Kateri Tekakwitha was baptized and we have been told by other archaeologists that she may have been HERE for a period of time! (so many exciting stories to tell!))

    As mentioned, Walt is an avocational archaeologist and we have found so many Jesuit items..it gives me goosebumps. 

    <--- These are a few of the Jesuit rings and buttons that he and the kids have found.
    There's a whole story behind these (the Jesuits used the rings as a reward when the Indians learned certain prayers).

    We literally have things popping out of the ground...as if to say...don't forget who you are, Cukierski's.  There's a reason you are HERE.

    When we bought the land in 2008, my faith was in pieces...literally shattered by many things that had happened to me.  I swear it was the prayers of friends and THIS LAND that healed me....that brought me back to my Catholic faith. 

    So much more to share!  Stay tuned!

    Love and Blessings, Wendy C.

    "Healing Mind, Body & Soul"




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