Cukierski Family Farm & Kitchen- Cabbage Steaks

    Cukierski Family Farm & Kitchen- Cabbage Steaks


    Dear family,

    I will admit that it is one of my favorites...the kids, not so!

    I could eat these all day long...

    Cabbage Steaks

    1 green cabbage, cut into 1″ slices (toss out top and bottom slices...we feed ours to the chickens )

    Extra-virgin olive oil

    Garlic cloves (just a few will do)

    Sea salt (because that cheap stuff is bleached) and ground black pepper (to taste)

    Preheat your oven to 400 F.

    Brush both sides of each cabbage slice with olive oil. I just slip a plastic sandwich bag over my hand and lather them up

    Season them to taste with salt and pepper and garlic cloves.

    Roast in your oven for 20 minutes, each side for a total of about 40 minutes.

    You'll be wanting to look for the moment the edges get a bit crispy.

    Sending our love and prayers to our remnant family from our family farm...    Wendy, Walt and the entire Cukierski family

    (PS:  Catholic Spiritual Guidance Lessons for you, featuring writings from Rev. Fr. Kilian McGowan
    It's a spiritual lifesaver and you can read more HERE )




    ***VERY LIMITED***



    Story behind St. Pio's Feathers and how you can get one.

    The feathers were given to us by a close friend of Padre Pio's family, quite a long time ago.

    We have given many away over the years and tucked some away in a safe for safe keeping.

    They were authenticated by his Priest and a Monsignor.
    He was a very holy man who grew up near Padre Pio's family in Italy. He has since passed and we had many folks praying for him (if you are a long time follower, you may remember).

    Padre Pio had already left by the time he was born. However, he knew the family as they were neighbors. He came to America when he was 5 years old with his mother.

    They brought the pillow with them that Mrs. Forgione had given his mother. Padre's mother had also given her some of his bedding, but they could not fit everything in.

    The feathers we were gifted are the actual feathers from the pillow that Padre Pio slept on during his childhood.

    They are a powerful sacramental (and a 2nd class relic!) and countless miracles have been experienced.


    If you would like one, we will send you one...extremely limited.


    To save us the cost of mailing, all we ask is that you help with the Pediatric Mission.


    A feather will be automatically included...I will also include a sheet on the story.


    If we get a lot of response, we may have to cut the small feather in half. We want everyone to be blessed.



    I have Wendy Strawberry plants, Grow Bags and other items over on the Pediatric Mission Fundraiser page.  ( )

    I have new prayer cards on the Catholic Spiritual Goods Page.     (



    My Drawing Salve is back!

    Check it out HERE
    TESTIMONIAL:   "My son has been fighting a skin rash for several years and we have spent a great deal to try and heal it. Your salve has been doing better than the $600.00 dollar medicine the doctor prescribed!  Praise The Lord for your formula!  Jennifer Browning"


    Need Good Samaritan Oil? 

    It's the same as our Cold & Flu Oil...See HERE


    Calendula is HERE (very easy to grow!)



    UTI's are the second-most common infection in the US!

    I have had more UTI's than I can count...I feel your pain!

    My first one was at the age of 17 and it was so bad that I was passing blood (which is my usual).

    The constant need to use the bathroom, burning, pain, and terrible discomfort...I don't miss it!

    I would get several UTI's each year and it got to a point that they became antibiotic resistant!

    The good news is that I haven't had a UTI in several years because I finally found what would help me!

    I feel blessed to now offer it to you!

    Make UTI's a thing of the past!

    Head HERE

    -----From a physician we help...he sees to the medical needs of children no one else seems to be able to help ❤️-----





    We do what we say we do!

    I am begging for your help with The Pediatric Giving Mission.
    We will send you a gift for your help. 
    ---Some of the many wee ones we've helped---

    ---HELP IF YOU CAN----

    Here is a post, from a recipient of what we do,.

    L**** and I were one of the precipitants of This mission. She is right. My parking was 9 per day for 3 months. Then on top of that food cost me approximately 15 per day. That was cheap - I got vouchers for $5.00 per meal. So somedays I did not eat or made meals last for more then one meal. Had to. Parking was $810. Food was $1,300. Then you have normal household bills and I have 3 animals I had to pay to have people come and take care of them. At first I had my dog in the Kennel for 1/2 the time. That was about 500. It is VERY expensive to have a sick child. That was Just ONE hospital stay. We have had numerous ones. Some only a few days, some a week or two. Without their help we would of gone fully under!

    From providing necessary funds to actually having families stay with us...we DO what we say we do!







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