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It really does increase happy feelings, gives a boost to your energy level and has the nice added benefit of increasing your metabolic rate! I try to avoid things that have to have a medical script written for them.  With so many things available to us from God's cupboard (aka nature)....why not work with that?

INCREASED HAPPY FEELINGS!  Yes, sounds too good to be's not!  Yippee!  I've always been a happy person...I have to be I have hit the upper 40's and for the first time in my life I need a mood boost.  I can get pretty crabby (Oh my...did I admit that? lol)

GIVES A BOOST OF ENERGY:  Wish I had created this pill back when I was the only parent home!  Walt and I have been working together for about 9 years now...but...before that I was the solo parent all day.  At the time I only had 9 children (did I hear a chuckle?).  Trying to make all the meals, clean the house, homeschool the kiddo's and run a ministry... all alone... was exhausting!  Let alone trying to keep what little sanity I had left!  The I could have really used the boost to my energy level!  Somehow I managed and we added 4 more blessings to our happy (most family!

As mentioned, I'm a homeschooling mama of 13 children, Grandma of 2, wife of almost 26 years and we run several businesses & a ministry! I NEED ENERGY!  I test absolutely everything and can tell you that this pill actually gives you a little "mood lift" and "burst of energy" without the "crash".  If taken over a period of time, it will keep your levels where they need to be ;-)  BTW...that's my hubby and I before a fundraising event October 2012. Gosh, I was happy (still am!) ------>

INCREASES METABOLIC RATE:  Yes, yes, yes....this WILL increase your metabolic weight.  I'm not promising you will look like Barbie when you've taken this for 2 weeks...but...this will help your bod burn calories.

You will need to give this pill 2 weeks to reach its max. benefit.  KEEP TAKING IT!  You WILL notice a difference!  I promise!

My kiddo's have noticed a difference and there's 13 of them to vouch for the nicer mama! :)    The pic to the left was taken July 2010 - Mama (me) has lost almost 100 pounds and the kids are now a bazillion feet tall... I guess it's time to get a new one!

Anyhoo...To sum it up, the Peppy Pill is an awesome Serotonin Booster.  It  also serves as a safe non-script antidepressant - Mood Enhancer and big time Energizer!  "Mom of 13" approved!


*NOTE: The manufacturer of our product is GMP-certified! GMP certification ensures that the facility is following guidelines that are regulated by the FDA.  In addition, we are able to tap into the knowledge of a team of research scientists and experts from various fields of nutrition.

This is very important to us as we want to bring you only the best and safest health products that truly work!


*So...what's in it?

Vitamin D3 - Americans are chronically low in D!  Reasearch has shown that this leads to mood swings, depression and a whole host of other nasty things. 

Vitamin B6 & B12, Niacin (B3) - Stress whacks away at our levels of B.  When under stress we need MORE!  A lot of people suffer from anxiety and stress on a daily basis and research has found that B vitaminscan help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and stress. They can also help alleviate general tiredness and lethargy that goes with fatigue, stress and anxiety.

Folic Acid - For brain & emotional support.

Selenium - Your body needs selenium for the normal functioning of the immune system. 

N-Acetyl-L Tyrosine - Supports brain function.  Especially good for "mommy brain".. ;-0

St. John's Wort Extract (0.3% Hypericin)  For depression and anxiety.

Arginine AKG (2:1) - Helps support blood and oxygen flow to the muscles. This improves endurance and is probably why many body builders take it.  Don't won't be bulking up your'll just have more endurance!

Caffeine Anhydrous - To help with alertness! We use 100% pure anhydrous caffeine in this formulation to help deliver the energy that most of us lack.  It also helps increase stamina, endurance, mental focus (I no longer have "mommy foggy brain") while speeding up the metabolism.

DMAE - Not only does it help with healthy weight loss and fat burning it helps improve one’s mood!  Higher DMAE doses can block the acetylcholine receptor. When the acetylcholine receptor is blocked more dopamine is released. DMAE is also a safer alternative to many prescriptions and does not have harmful side effects when taken properly. However, schizophrenic, epileptic, and manic depressed people should avoid DMAE.

5-HTP - This is the metabolic precursor to the neurotransmitter serotonin. Serotonin is responsible for mood, hunger, and sleep. Low levels lead to depression, stress and generally just being in a crabby mood.  If you have low levels you may also feel "scatterbrained" in...what did I come into this room for? lol.  You may also notice you are getting worn out quicker.

I noticed that taking 5-HTP improved my mood, decreased my appetite and I was able to sleep better.  It also helps curb appetite which of course can lead to weight loss.

Huperzine A (Huperzia Serrata Extract 1%) - Huperzine A is used for for memory and learning enhancement. It is also known for increasing alertness and energy!.

All of these ingredients combined help to contribute to a happier mommy mood if you ask me! :)



*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  That being said, use your head and you'll be okay :)


Does NOT contain any sugar, preservatives, artificial flavorings, corn, wheat, yeast, soy, starch, milk derivatives, toxins, growth hormones, GMO's, antibiotics or any other funky stuff!

NOTE:  If you are taking our Weight Loss capsules, we suggest taking only ONE of these capsules (Peppy Pill) and ONE of the Weight Loss!

IMPORTANT:  If you are on any type of anti-depressant, you can not use this pill. 




We have been a bit behind adding all the testimonials...but there are literally hundreds upon hundreds!

Here is an email we received:
Dear All,
I wanted to share this with you because
I have met Wendy in person, I have visited
her in her home, and have known her since
1998;  she is one of the first friends I met
online and she has been a wonderful, faithful
friend all of these years.  She is the real deal.
During my cancer treatments, I have been
using her natural remedies, her Immune Boosters,
and her Peppy Pills, and have been very grateful
for them.  Please go to her webpages and see
the good that she and her family do!  
God bless you, 
Joan h.